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Bone Graft With Immediate Implant Placement

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upper teeth missing a tooth In cases where a tooth is lost and a dental implant is needed, your doctor may recommend a bone graft be performed to stabilize and support it.
gums with an empty spot for an implant The first step in this procedure is to prepare the site for placing the dental implant.
jaw bone with space for a socket Next, the implant body is placed into the bone.
an implant screwed into bone Once the implant is placed, bone material is packed around the implant.
the implant surrounded by bone material The area is covered with a special healing membrane, and a healing cap is seated onto the implant.
gums covering the new implant area The area is then sutured and given time to heal- during this time the graft solidifies around the implant and blends into your natural bone tissue. While healing, your dentist can provide a temporary tooth to fill the empty space.
the upper teeth fully healed Once fully healed, the damaged bone will have regained its original strength and stability. At a future appointment, the final restoration can be placed onto the implant to complete the process.
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