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Planning with High Quality Lab Designs in Arlington, Virginia

One factor not mentioned, but we think is important for patients to know, is the difference in quality between dental labs who construct the final product. The Virginia Dental Center is proud to use Glidewell, a high-quality, commercial lab based in Southern California for the majority of our cases. It is family owned, has a great reputation, and uses cutting edge CAD/CAM technology to design and build most of its cases. We have visited Glidewell laboratory and fully endorse its technicians’ skill. We stand behind the high-quality products they supply for our patients.

In some instances, patients require or desire a lab to custom design, fabricate, match or characterize their cases. These cases involve a senior level ceramist to custom shade and build each tooth. These cases often involve one or more front teeth and tend to be very difficult technically. For these situations, we recommend that patients choose our premium level lab option, capable of providing the best possible esthetic result. A $249/tooth “custom shading and design” fee will be added for this premium product and service. It goes without saying that nature can not be duplicated, and we remind every cosmetic patient that perfection is, by definition, not achievable. For the patient that wants the very best dentistry can offer, we feel it is important to offer this premium level of product.

Lastly, we want to remind you that while our goal is to restore nature, it will be impossible to do so. A close evaluation of even the “best of the best” cases will reveal inconsistencies, discrepancies, and small imperfections. That being said, we will do everything possible to achieve the BEST possible esthetic result, not a perfect esthetic result. Prior to finalization/cementation, you will be given the opportunity to “accept” or “reject” the final product. If you accept the final product, changes to the restoration(s) incurred subsequent to cementation, that incur charges, will be your (the patients) responsibility. These charges may include, but are limited, to time, materials, lab fees etc.

The Virginia Center for Cosmetic & General Dentistry guarantees its work for 5 years with a “No-Questions-Asked” structural failure guarantee. This guarantee covers all prosthodontic work that sustains a structural failure. Failure to have and wear a Hard Night Guard voids this guarantee. Hard night guards are strongly recommended following the insertion of all anterior prosthodontic restorations.