Dental Crowns

Dental crowns replace the structure, function, and esthetics of a damaged or defective tooth.

This protects the tooth, and often nerve, from future damage.

Crowns are permanent coverings that fit over your original tooth. Crowns are needed when teeth have become badly decayed, or when a tooth is damaged to the point where it cannot be easily fixed through the use of a filling. Crowns are all-ceramic, highly esthetic restorations that fully cover teeth. The choice of material depends on various factors including the best clinical outcome and your esthetic goals. Your new crown will improve both your appearance and your confidence. With proper care, your crown can last a lifetime.

Temporary Crowns Are Temporary

They protect the tooth and prevent space closure prior to final crown cementation. Temporary crowns can be in place for weeks to years. The temporary crown should not feel "high" and will not feel like a natural tooth or like the permanent crown. We recommend brushing the temporary crown as usual, but not flossing around crown unless absolutely necessary.

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