In the case of a missed or broken appointment, a hand written letter will be sent to the patient and scanned into patient chart. Following the letter, the “patients due for recall” list will be obtained and phone calls will be made from designated location.

At every practicable time, a doctor will conduct an exam in the established order. Summon an exam doctor in the following order with relation to a 45 minute hygiene appointment.

  1. 0-30 minutes – the IE doctor
  2. 30-40 minutes – any available doctor
  3. Should a doctor not be available by the 40th minute the patient will be given three options:
    1. No exam this appointment
    2. Exam by a doctor at another day or time
    3. Wait for the exam, possibly in either another room or the waiting room/area.

Late hygiene policy – cleanings should end 10 minutes prior to end of appointment (5minutes cleaning and 5minutes exam) 

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