Four Points to Successful Dentistry in Arlington, Virginia

Attaining and preserving a brilliant smile isn't an accident. Follow these points to make your smile a worthwhile investment!

There are four major points of emphasis we want our cosmetic, and even non-cosmetic patients, to understand. When patients understand these points, they will understand why all dentistry is not equal and what factors contribute to happy and unhappy patients. Many of the reasons our patients are happy, and why we are proud to show others their before and after pictures lie within these points of emphasis.

  1. First, if you fail to plan, you most certainly will plan to fail. Having a PLAN is our first point of emphasis. Cases succeed or fail during the planning phase. This phase is made up by two major components. The first component is the thorough establishment of, "where are we now," with accurate diagnostic records. Diagnostic records tell us the current condition of the teeth, gums, bone, bite, smile and the presence or absence of pathology. The second component is comprised of the needs and desires of the patient. Knowing a patient's expectations, priorities, and desired outcome is critical to the design process. Once we know where you are and where you want to end up, we will outline the steps needed to reach those established goals. Additionally, a realistic timeline, budget, and any external evaluations and/or therapy can be anticipated and projected.
  2. Our second point of emphasis is that esthetic dentistry needs to be built on a solid FOUNDATION. This would include healthy soft (gums) and hard (bone) tissues. It also means those structures (usually either implants or teeth) onto which new teeth are to be built are stable, not pathologic, and in the proper location to meet the esthetic needs of the case. This is a time for action. In order to execute the esthetic plan, often foundational improvements are necessary first. These can include: sinus augmentation, joint therapy, oral surgery, soft or hard tissue grafting, tooth movement, implant placement, and/or removal of inadequate tissues. This phase often involves "temporization" of certain areas while other areas are being developed/prepared prior to the final esthetic step.
  3. The third point of emphasis is PRECISION. Precision is probably what WE are most proud of and what our patients usually come to know only after the process has been completed. Precision refers to an uncompromising attention to detail at every step and the ability to execute that detail. We encourage all of our cosmetic patients to utilize our premium level laboratory option. We are confident that our combination of precision, advanced techniques and equipment, top-of-the-line laboratory, and master ceramist, will yield a beautiful final product. One that we know you will be happy with and one that we will be proud of!
  4. Our last point of emphasis is the MAINTENANCE of esthetic dental restorations. This point can not be overemphasized. Prosthodontic work should always be followed with 3-4 month recall appointments and the use of a night guard. Professional monitoring of advanced dentistry as well as the use of a night guard (whether a patient "thinks" they are clenching or grinding or not) is paramount to extending restorations useful and esthetic lifespan. Failure to follow up with preventive care and maintenance negligence and begs for esthetic and/or functional premature failure.

All of our work is guaranteed for 5 years with a "No-Questions-Asked" structural failure guarantee. This guarantee covers all prosthodontic work that sustains a structural failure. Failure to have and wear a Hard Night Guard voids this guarantee. Hard night guards are STRONGLY recommended following the insertion of any and all anterior prosthodontic restorations.

  • VA Dental Center is by far the best experience I have ever had at a dentist. The staff was extremely professional and kind from the front desk to the hygienist. I would highly recommend them.
    David M. - Washington, DC