Dentistry with Comfort & Technology

Our state-of-the-art tools and comfortable furnishings ensure your visit will be the most relaxing one you've had at the dentist!

At Virginia Dental Center you will find a clean, comfortable, and pain-free environment with state of the art technology.

In the Chair

In each large, comfortable room at the Virginia Dental Center there is a large, comfortable chair. While our patients are having their smiles enhanced, they can either listen to the music of their choice or watch cable tv. We are one of the only offices in the DC area to use it.

Fully Relaxed

We are also one of the few dentists in the area that Isolight. It's an amazing system that relaxes the jaw, prevents muscle and joint fatigue, and prevents gagging and water accumulation in the throat. With Isolight, water is constantly being removed from the mouth while at the same provides a light for dentists to see clearly what they are working on. No more bright lights in your eyes while trying to keep your mouth open.

Wind Down Before You Leave

When you are finished with your procedure, treat yourself to a hot wet towel, rehydrate with some water, and enjoy some tea and coffee in the waiting room. We don't hustle you out the door, until you are ready to face the world.


  • I was very pleased with the help and attention I received from the staff and it was exactly what I was looking for walking into a new place of dentistry. Your office, without a doubt, has my business for many years to come.
    Josh C.