Patient Education

  • An onlay is used to rebuild a tooth that has damage to one or more cusp. This treatment helps to restore optimal shape and function while saving as much of the natural tooth as possible.
  • Typically in the late teens to early twenties, the third set of molars, or wisdom teeth, begin to come in. While it is possible for them to emerge in alignment with the existing teeth, other times there can be complications.
  • Often, gum disease can exist in an individual with little to no apparent symptoms. Gums that appear healthy and pink at initial glance can have harmful buildup below the gumline that can affect one's oral health.
  • VA Dental Center is by far the best experience I have ever had at a dentist. The staff was extremely professional and kind from the front desk to the hygienist. I would highly recommend them.
    David M. - Washington, DC