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Providing dental education resources in Arlington, Virginia

Providing dental education resources in Arlington, Virginia

Learn about different dental procedures and how they’re completed. Knowing what to expect can help you plan your new smile, and can ease any concerns or answer questions you might have about your treatment.

We’ve compiled an extensive library of videos that demonstrate how different procedures are done. Explore our resources, and learn more about your procedure before your appointment.

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  • occlusal appliance for tooth wear thumbnail
    For patients experiencing tooth wear due to nighttime grinding and jaw clenching, your dentist may recommend an occlusal appliance- commonly called a nightguard or bite splint- to help alleviate the complications associated with the condition. It is not uncommon for tooth wear to be associated with certain airway or breathing conditions, so your dentist may discuss this with you as well.
  • Composite Filling Posterior thumbnail
    A small cavity, or hole in your tooth can be repaired with a composite filling.
  • bar retainded overdenture thumbnail
    For patients requiring replacement of all teeth in the upper and/or lower arch of the mouth, a bar-retained overdenture with dental implants is an excellent treatment option.