About Us

Our mission is to create a one of a kind patient experience while providing the absolute best care modern dentistry can offer via an uncompromising level of comfort, cleanliness, and service.

Our entire dental team is focused on your overall health. With our dental treatment strategy, we achieve lasting results. From preventive visits to complete smile makeovers, we offer the individual care you need.

We are different because we treat every patient's oral and overall health as if it were our own. It starts with an initial consultation where we will spend about an hour with every patient - to understand their concerns, their point of view, their history, and the direction they want to go with regard to their oral health.

By being on the cutting edge, our patients receive the absolute best possible care dentistry has to offer, with the confidence that every procedure and diagnosis is evidence based.

We are a multilingual practice and are able to communicate with patients that speak Spanish, Portuguese, Sign-language, English, and Italian.

  • I appreciate the services that I receive from your office so much so, that I have referred the office to a local family practice.
    Andrea P.