Smile Whitening in Arlington, Virginia

Rejuvenate your smile with Essix whitening retainers.

Whitening can renew the brilliance of your smile.

The Virginia Dental Center uses Essix whitening retainers to give our patients the whitest smile possible. It is considered to be a reliable and effective bleaching system.

Get a whiter smile today


Impressions made in the office are used to create custom plastic trays. This custom tray hugs your teeth tightly and is an exact replica of your teeth.

Available in two different concentrations: 16 and 22 percent. The higher the concentration, the faster whitening occurs. Higher concentrations also commonly result in increased transient (non-permanent) sensitivity. You'll want to pay attention to limiting the whitening gel from pressing out of the bottom of the tray and coming into contact with gum tissue. 


  • Bleaching trays are available within days of impressions.
  • Less expensive.
  • Gets the job done.
  • The bottom line is that Dr. Goldstein and this entire office were great. They were considerate of my time, my comfort, and my finances. He saved my tooth and I will go back to this office from now on.
    Christian A.