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Orthodontics/Invisalign® in Arlington, Virginia

Providing a clear choice in orthodontics

Have you always wanted a straighter smile, but didn’t want to deal with a mouth full of metal? Invisalign are clear, removable alignment trays that can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted, without any brackets or wires.

Benefits of Invisalign:

  • Discretely straighten your teeth – no wires or brackets necessary
  • Removable trays let you maintain your same diet
  • Treatment lasts an average of 6-15 months
  • Treatment plan and trays are customized for your goals

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How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign uses clear, thermoplastic material that looks similar to teeth-whitening trays. Every two weeks, you’ll receive a different set of aligners that are custom-made for you based off of your treatment plan.

How often do I need to wear my aligners?

You’ll wear your aligners for about 20-22 hours every day. They should only be removed to eat, drink, brush, and floss your teeth.

Will they affect my speech?

It’s common for some people to experience a slight lisp for the first couple of days of wearing their aligners. Eventually, you’ll get used to having them in your mouth and the lisp should disappear.

How much does Invisalign cost?

Payment options are available, and our office can answer any questions regarding financing your Invisalign treatment.

Is Invisalign covered by insurance?

Since insurance coverage differs from policy to policy, you’ll want to review your own plan with your insurance provider. Typically, if you have orthodontic coverage, Invisalign should be covered to the same extent as traditional braces.

Does Invisalign work?

Yes. Millions of individuals have seen success with Invisalign treatment. It was developed by orthodontists and is used in dental practices all across the world. Successful treatment largely depends on committing to wearing the aligners as instructed and following the treatment plan.

Invisalign isn’t for everyone, however. For cases that require more drastic movement, traditional braces may be the only treatment capable of getting the desired results. For these more complex cases, you’ll usually be referred to an orthodontist.

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