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Let Our Staff Handle Your Dental Emergencies

Your dentist in Arlington can help when you have a dental emergency.

It’s important to seek treatment from your dentist in Arlington during a dental emergency.

Dental emergencies can disrupt your day, no matter when they strike. If one happens to you, you’ll want to find the nearest emergency dental clinic to help alleviate your pain and restore your smile. Dental emergencies can range from minor issues that don’t need immediate care to life-threatening ones, whether you chip your tooth, break your braces, or get a tooth knocked out.

This is why we have experienced staff and offer same-day appointments at Virginia Dental Center Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Arlington. We know how to handle minor and more severe dental problems, and we make booking an appointment very fast and easy. However, we believe that knowledge is power too, and this is why we want to explain what a dental emergency is, when you should call for help, and how to prepare for one below.

Dental Emergencies - What Are They?

An emergency is a situation that needs immediate attention or help from medical staff. Broken braces, knocked-out teeth, severe dental pain, large chips in your tooth, or a dental abscess all fall into this category. However, not all dental issues need immediate attention, and you can safely wait until regular business hours to schedule an appointment. Minor problems include a loose filling or a minor chip in the tooth. But, if you’re in severe pain or have heavy bleeding, you should seek emergency medical care.

When You Should Call 911

Throughout the United States, a very small percentage of yearly emergency room visits are related to dental issues. If you’re having heavy bleeding or trouble breathing, getting evaluated at your nearest emergency room is a good idea. A broken jaw or severe head trauma are two common conditions that need immediate assistance. If you’re unsure if you should go to the emergency room, we urge you to be cautious and contact them for their opinion.

Preparing for Different Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency can be painful and unexpected, but knowing the steps to take ahead of time can help reduce the damage and help save your teeth. In an emergency, you want to do the following:

Severe Mouth Pain

  • Gently rinse your mouth with warm water.
  • Floss around the damaged area to remove any stuck food particles or irritants.
  • Even though it’s tempting, don’t put any painkillers directly on the spot, as they can damage the tissue.
  • If you have swelling, gently apply a cold compress.
  • Schedule a same-day appointment.

Broken or Chipped Teeth

  • Use a warm water rinse to cleanse any blood.
  • If you’re bleeding, apply light pressure with a clean cloth.
  • Place a cold compress in the area to reduce or stop swelling.
  • Make an appointment with your local dental clinic in Arlington.

Soft Tissue Injury or Bleeding

  • Make a saltwater rinse and swish it around to clean the area.
  • If you’re bleeding, get gauze and apply light pressure to the area.
  • If you have severe bleeding that won’t stop, dial 911 for emergency help.

Tooth Knocked Out

  • Avoid touching the tooth roots and rinse them under warm water.
  • If you can, put the tooth back in the socket.
  • Gently bite down to secure your tooth.
  • If the tooth won’t go back into the socket, place it in a cup of milk until you can get to the dentist.
  • Pick up any tooth fragments and head to the dentist.

Schedule Your Dental Emergency Appointment in Arlington with Virginia Dental Center Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

We understand how important it is to have access to qualified dentists to minimize any damage and restore your tooth in the event of an emergency or trauma. This is why we have same-day appointments available for all our patients. As a local and knowledgeable family dental practice in Arlington, we’re committing to helping restore your beautiful smile and relieve your pain as quickly as possible.

While we understand that not every problem constitutes an emergency and minor problems can wait until regular business hours, we recommend you seek emergency medical care if you have heavy bleeding or pain.

When you come to our office, we’ll immediately assess your problem, take prompt action to reduce any potential damage, and give you clear treatment options. We dedicate ourselves to preserving your oral health while ensuring you stay calm and comfortable throughout the process.

If you have questions or a dental emergency, we encourage you to reach out and contact our staff. Our professional team is always happy to help put you at ease and set up the first available appointment to address your dental emergency.