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Single Tooth Loss

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gums with a missing tooth When a tooth is lost, whether to an injury or decay, if the empty space left behind is not occupied the structure of the mouth can begin to alter as a result. This can lead to progressive adverse effects that should be reviewed with your Doctor.
gums with a missing tooth To start, the immediate area where the tooth is lost suffers adverse changes in the bone and gum support, typically in the form of tissue loss.
teeth coming loose from gums These changes can spread to the neighboring teeth, resulting in loss of bone support and the teeth drifting into the vacated space.
teeth with a bottom one missing Additionally, opposing tooth begins to move into the space in a process called over eruption- further jeopardizing the surrounding bone structure and teeth.
teeth slowing missing These movements can lead to issues with a patient's bite, as the teeth gradually become mis-aligned.
teeth with severe damage As time passes the severity of damage to the mouth can escalate, as well as the measures needed to remedy it. Your dentist is the best resource to recommend a treatment plan to fit your unique situation.
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