Whitening For Life Program in Arlington, Virginia

Experience our first-class hygiene service. Contact Virginia Dental Center to get white teeth for life!

An esthetic program, part of our first class hygiene service.

The Virginia Dental Center uses Essix whitening retainers to give our patients the whitest smile possible. It is considered to be a reliable and effective bleaching system.

Get a whiter smile today

Essix Whitening System ~ $375.00

Trays are custom made in a dental lab in about 1 week. This advanced precision system increases gel effectiveness by preventing saliva dilution. Indentations in the tray prevents the gel from 'leaking' out onto the gums, and causing irritation. Our advanced bleaching solution minimizes tooth sensitivity. 

One free bleach syringe is given indefinitely at every subsequent hygiene/cleaning appointment.


  • The custom tray allows extra space for the bleaching material and has a special design preventing bleaching gel from contacting the gum tissue.
  • The precision placement of whitening gel and the advanced gel solution itself helps to alleviate tooth sensitivity, reduce gum irritation, and bleach more efficiently.
  • This system comes with a desensitizing liquid that gets applied before you begin whitening and after each treatment. Free Bleaching for LIFE will keep teeth White for LIFE! assuming regular 6 month appointments are kept.

Promotion is void if more than 7 months pass between any two appointments.

  • Great experience! I am new to the area and dreaded the thought of having to find a new dentist. I read great reviews about VA Dental Center and I was not disappointed! Thanks!
    Michelle S.