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We are different because we treat every patient's oral and overall health as if it were our own. Lasting esthetic results are not accidents! They represent proper planning, excellent skill, and quality craftsmanship.

Our patients receive the absolute best possible care dentistry has to offer, with the confidence that every procedure, diagnosis, and treatment is evidence based.

It starts with an initial appointment where we will spend about an hour with every patient - to understand their concerns, their point of view, their history, and the direction they want to go with regards to their oral health.

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As most people can relate, I used to HATE going to the Dentist. Until I stumbled upon Dr. Dudley's office when they first opened about 4 years ago. My experiences there have always been pleasant and they have completely chaged my mind on hating the dentist. The offices are so comfortable and FUN! I have loved everyone that I have encourtered there - Dr. Dudley, Sabrina, Liza, Weaverly and so on! Great job on excellent customer service, great dental work and just an overall amazing experience!
Sarah B. - Dumfries, VA

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Our aim must not be merely the meticulous restoration of that which is missing, but also the perpetual preservation of that which remains.