Before a filling is placed; cracks, decay and all old defective restorative materials (usually amalgam, gold, ceramic or old composite) are completely removed.

Dental composite (white filling material) is placed over a bonding agent, which bonds composite to tooth structure. Dental composites, similar to enamel, are very susceptible to acidic environments, and their lifespan is largely dependent on clenching/grinding habits, oral hygiene habits and oral pH. Similar to enamel, items with low (acidic) pH such as coffee, soda, tea and wine, greatly affect the lifetime serviceability of restorations.


Because patients are often “numb” when the bite is checked, fillings may feel “high” once the anesthesia wears off. In this case, please call and return to the office for a bite adjustment. Sensitivity is normal and can last for 2-3 weeks following fillings, however 1-2 days is more common.

  • I like how the office seems to use the latest dental technology and methods for cleaning. Every six months when I go in for my cleaning it seems there is a new cleaning tool used or technology for taking x-rays, etc. It makes you feel comfortable and confident as a patient that your dentist is keeping with that latest trends and technologies of the dentistry industry.
    Chris D.